Our Guiding Principles

Not Just a Product, an Experience

Our work goes beyond the physical to encompass the entire user experience because people interact with their devices not only physically but also through software interfaces on their phones, desktops, and the cloud. The data generated by Internet-connected devices must be securely transmitted and stored in the cloud. Users need simple and elegant ways to analyze and comprehend the data their devices generate. We can help here as well. Our work across many Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud providers (e.g., Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and many others) makes us prepared to find the right provider for your specific needs. We can also help you apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology to help with big data analysis of the data generated. Unlocking hidden value of knowledge that can be sometimes trapped in large datasets.

Open Source Components + Custom Design  
= Fast, Effective Solutions

We are supporters of the Open Source Software and Hardware movements.

We utilize modular open hardware, software, and design tools to the greatest extent possible in our work.  There is no sense in wasting resources reinventing the wheel for every new project.  Nor is there any need to spend a small fortune on closed, proprietary products that lock you into a single vendor forever.  We firmly believe if you can’t open something up and tinker with it, that you don’t really own it.  Opting for open-source solutions frees our clients and us from having to spend time and money negotiating licensing fees. That means more resources are dedicated to making your dream a reality.  At the end of our design effort, we will provide you with the specifications, schematics, CAD files, bill of materials (BOM), and software source code for your project. In short, you own your product.  We just help you to make your ideas a tangible reality.

We use a wide variety of embedded platforms, sensors, and actuators; we’re not going to sell you single-vendor solutions. We also encourage clients to, in turn, release their products under open-source licenses by showing how open-source encourages faster innovation and a greater likelihood of business success than proprietary solutions. This is crucial in a world where products are no longer islands unto themselves.

We take great care to design products that are both pragmatic and elegant because products aren’t worth the “paper they are drawn on” if they aren’t designed to be user-friendly, manufacturable, sustainable, repairable, and secure.  

Partners, Not Just Clients

We seek to work alongside clients who share our same “can do” attitude and who also desire to disrupt the status quo. We specialize in collaborating with clients looking for a custom, one-of-a-kind solution or a proof-of-concept that will meet their exact specifications when no commercial “off-the-shelf” solution is suitable.  We pride ourselves in being able to support our clients throughout the entire development lifecycle, including conceptual design, detailed engineering, prototype fabrication, laboratory & real-world testing, and low-volume manufacturing.

We look to work closely with our clients because we know that the best design cannot overcome poor project management. We leverage rapid iterative design and embrace the counter-intuitive notion that failure is a critical part of the creative process. By failing early and often, you get to a better solution faster. That’s better for us, better for our clients, and better for the end-user. In short, our mission is to engineer the best damn solutions for our clients, fast.

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“I skate to where the puck is going to be,
not where it has been.”
~Wayne Gretzky