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Green Shoe Garage is a solutions engineering company built on three core pillars — a bespoke electronics product design workshop, an Internet of Things and Industrial Control Systems (IoT/ICS) security research laboratory, and a digital media studio dedicated to science and technology education.

Green Shoe Garage is a veteran-owned small business. We are proud to have served customers across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our unique insights and expertise have been sought by Fortune 500 corporations, academic institutions, small businesses, non-profits, startups, and solo entrepreneurs.

For more information or to solicit our services please contact us or connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

in·no·vate: to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.

in·ge·nu·i·ty: cleverly inventive, resourceful; skillful of conception or design.

“Innovation meets Ingenuity” is our motto. It’s a reminder that while many design firms can innovate wild, new ideas few have the ingenuity to transform an idea into a product. We must constantly work to maintain our edge in both domains.