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Green Shoe Garage is a solutions engineering company built on three core pillars — bespoke electronics design, Internet of Things and Industrial Control Systems (IoT/ICS) security research, and creation of quality technology media.


Electronics Design: Idea to Manufacturable Prototype

As a product design studio we take great pride in blending embedded electronics with imaginative physical workmanship. From proof-of-concept and rapid prototyping to design and engineering, custom fabrication, real-world test & evaluation; GSG can help entrepreneurs around the world quickly transform raw ideas into fully functional prototypes that are ready for manufacturing. We have the people, knowledge, facilities and technology to take on a wide spectrum of product development challenges. From agricultural projects in developing nations and cutting-edge wearable electronics to industrial control systems and art installations; we have worked with an eclectic mix of customers over the years. With every project we strive to create secure and sustainable products that are also beautiful and easy to use.

Green Shoe Garage is helping to pioneer truly open source product development. We leverage open source design tools to the greatest extent possible and we always give our clients access to the source files for their products (hardware, software, mechanical, documentation). We encourage clients to in turn release their products under open source licenses by showing how open encourages faster innovation and greater likelihood of business success more-so than proprietary solutions.  This is crucial in a world where products are no longer islands unto themselves. 


Security Research: Staying Ahead in the Cat and Mouse Threat Game

Because we design and build embedded devices Green Shoe Garage has a deep appreciation that security in the cyber-physical realm is complicated, less understood than traditional IT security, and that the risks are potentially far greater. For clients who already have Internet-connected embedded electronic products we perform physical and cyber vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to help find ways your products can be exploited. We can also provide recommendations on mitigation strategies. Thus helping to minimize the threats associated with your Internet of Things (IoT) products. Our security research is multidisciplinary and primarily focused on embedded hardware, firmware, and web-based interfaces across the IoT, industrial automation, autonomous vehicle, home automation, and building automation threat space.

Green Shoe Garage is a veteran-owned small business. We are proud to have served customers across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our unique insights and expertise have been sought by Fortune 500 corporations, academic institutions, small businesses, non-profits, startups, and solo entrepreneurs.

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in·no·vate: to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.

in·ge·nu·i·ty: cleverly inventive, resourceful; skillful of conception or design.

“Innovation meets Ingenuity” is our motto. It’s a reminder that while many design firms can innovate wild, new ideas few have the ingenuity to transform an idea into a product. We must constantly work to maintain our edge in both domains.