AI/ML and Data Science

Got gigabytes of raw data? Not sure how to turn data into actionable knowledge?

Let Green Shoe Garage help.

Organizations are swimming in data. Innovations like the Internet of Things is only exacerbating the problem; turning lakes of data into oceans of data. Data alone is not enough. It has to be translated into actionable knowledge that can be consumed by all levels of an organization. Doing this in a sophisticated manner that is repeatable, consistent, and resource efficient requires analytics engines, visualization tools, and data-friendly business processes. Too much data is a waste and too little leaves blind spots. Green Shoe Garage can help get you on a path data mining your own data quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Giving you a significant advantage over your Luddite competitors.

We specialize in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to IoT datasets and pushing AI/ML to the “edge”, that is brining AI/ML to low-power embedded systems instead of relying on power-hungry, costly data centers.