Open Source Escape Room #0001: RFID Activated Gadget

One of the more nifty puzzles of a great escape room is having to find objects and place them at an exact spot. Say three different candlesticks on a fireplace mantle in a specific order.

RFID tags are a great way to achieve this goal. Embedding RFID tags in the objects and RFID reader at the location the objects are to be placed.

We’re building a great solution for just this puzzle concept.

The hardware includes an Arduino Uno, custom Uno shield, and dedicate PCB for 1 to 4 RFID readers to connect. While the software provided is for PN532 RFID readers using SPI communications, the hardware could be used for any RFID reader that communicates back to the microcontroller over SPI. The shield also provides for digital and analog outputs when the puzzle is unlocked. Say to activate a relay. Also an external reset is provided so escape room operators can reset the puzzle from afar.

The software requires just a few small tweaks to change from 1 to 4 RFID readers.

The source code is provided for free on GitHub and an upcoming guidebook will be available on our Gumroad store for around $5 to $10.

This design is provided as-is and no guarantees are offered. Use at your own risk.

GitHub repo: