Technical Management Coaching

Our Experience, Your Success

Whether you have just been appointed to your first technical management position or you’re a seasoned veteran facing daunting new challenges, we offer unique management coaching tailored to those in leadership positions within the engineering, design, scientific, and other technical fields. We’ve been in your shoes. We know that management roles within technical fields present unique challenges just not found in non-technical management roles. Thus a general management coach just won’t do either. We are engineers and managers ourselves, proud of both our technical acumen and leadership prowess.

We’ve worn many hats that bridge both the technical and the management side of things. From military engineering officer to system architect, from technical program manager to chief engineer and vice president of engineering; we have decades of experience in various levels of technical management positions. We want to put all that experience to work for you.

So what exactly can Green Shoe Garage Technical Management Coaching offer you?

  • A non-biased, experienced-based perspective on the challenges you are facing. Sometimes an outsider perspective, free from the emotional and internal political noise, can be the best sounding board to work out the best option for a path forward. We are happy to sign Non-Discloure Agreements (NDAs) so that you can rest assured that your Intellectual Property (IP) remains safely yours and yours alone.
  • You know your technical trade inside and out but perhaps you are having problems understanding the nuances of a particular project management method? Are the seemingly arbitrary and arcane rules of your HR staff driving you insane? Maybe you feel that your project team isn’t really working well together? We’ve been there, done that. Let us share some experiences, tips, and tools that just might work for your particular set of circumstances.
  • Maybe you have been flooded with corporate or project management training (Agile, SCRUM, Lean, Six Sigma, waterfall, Human Centered Design). There are many great ideas out there but you probably don’t have the time or resources to implement every one of them, so where do you start? Our experts have struggled with these very problems and can help you priortitze the various tools, processes, and management methods to get you the most bang for the buck.
  • Need advice on how to structure a project team? Having issues with a smart yet unruly employee? We can help you navigate the ocean of “soft skill” responsibilities that come with being a technical manager.
  • A fresh set of eyes on a proposal or a client deliverable can help spot the small (and not so small) problems that can cost you big money. We can help with formatting, refining the cohesiveness of your message, and we can weed out those nasty spelling and grammatical flubs.
  • Too busy to get that PowerPoint presentation done? Send us your notes and let us get the presentation framework put together. Then we can work with you to refine the presentation until it is ready for the C-Suite.
  • Writing reports not your thing? Let us ghostwrite that report for you.
  • Need to learn a new piece of software but don’t want to wade through endless tutorials that can barely keep your attention? Let us do real-time training for you, no matter where you are in the world.

Our typical arrangement for technical management coaching is built around a retainer business model.

A $5,000 per month retainer gives you 50 hours of nearly 24/7 access (yes, we do sleep sometimes!) to licensed professional engineer expertise with decades of design, engineering and technical management roles.

If you are up against a tight deadline and need additional coaching hours in any given month beyond the 50 hours, we charge only $75/hour for the next 50 hours of coaching. After that, we bill at only $50/hour for the remainder of the month. Yup, we make it less expensive the more you need our assistance. We simply cannot wait to help!

One last note, we do bill our hours in 30-minute increments. If you are a smaller firm or even a startup that cannot afford our standard retainer rate, we’d still like to help. Please contact us at [email protected] and let us that you are interested in negotiating a reduced fee to meet your particular goals and budget requirements.